My “Maggots” Analogy to put ISIS in a useful context

I just posted a reply to a buddy in Facebook about the true nature of the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS). It’s only my analysis and only my opinion, but I thought this might add some value to the conversation which, from my POV, has become too focused on their “great threat” to America. I totally agree that unchecked, the disease of ISIS could sicken and severely harm America. But if we deal with them effectively now, which means comprehensively (which means the “full toolkit” of Defense and Development and Diplomacy in the region and worldwide), then we can recognize them today as just another blip on the radar of our history of hating each other.
Here’s that FB comment:
“One of my first goals in dealing with violent actors is to point out their in-significance and il-legitimacy in the social order. These are parasites on our species’ body. Maggots eat necrotic tissue. Terrorists thrive on rotting social flesh, too.
In this case an obvious contributor of unhealthy tissue is al-Maliki’s mistreatment of the Sunnis, as Hussein abused the Shi’as before him…each population inevitably grows resentful. So when ISIS came knocking in the Northwest for unhindered passage, Sunni leaders said “You’re going to kick Maliki’s ass and give us some leverage in Baghdad? Be our guests! Baghdad is thataway.”
(I may have oversimplified that a bit.)
The point is, in the final analysis nobody really wants their kids to have to walk past crucifixions on the way to school. We have to deal with underlying causes, CONTINUING all the kinetics demanded by whatever degraded reality we’re currently in, to have any hope of working toward a better future situation. And we don’t do ourselves any favors by fearing that these maggots have any real authority or real power. They’re just riding the wave of grievances…until they become the greater grievance. Hitler did the same.

8 thoughts on “My “Maggots” Analogy to put ISIS in a useful context

  1. Thanks for commenting, Miles. Yes, I have American Muslim friends who “believe in” the Constitution. In my opinion, a lot of the “different like night and day” that is impressed upon us through media sources is motivated by actively hostile anti-Islam communicators.

    Yes, the tenets of Islam and the Constitution do not align perfectly. And as a Christian, I can look at my own scripture for context. I see in the Old Testament that an adulteress was condemned to die by stoning. That’s not constitutional. Some of my Protestant friends will say “Well, that’s the Old Testament. Christ came so we wouldn’t have to follow all the old rules!” And so I look to a specific account of the Pharisees who drag an adulteress to Jesus and ask whether that is in fact the Law…which He concedes…in the New Testament.

    So long story slightly shorter, if I accept that I can “believe in” the Bible and “believe in” the Constitution, I need to accept that a Muslim can do the same.

  2. Mr Dubois, have you known anyone or heard of anyone that believed in
    the United States Constitution and was a Muslim? I don’t think there is anyone that could be a muslim and support the Constitution. they are so different as night and day. Tell me what do you think of it. Am I right or am I wrong?

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