How to be fit and healthy in three steps

Your Body, Mind, Heart , and Soul are all vital Aspects of your existence as a human being. There are countless means available to train and improve each of the four, and each enhances the other three.

But there’s one critical lesson of simplicity to keep in mind about that first one, Body. Fitness and wellness ain’t complicated. In fact, the more complexity you add to to your Body program, the harder it will be to maintain. The harder you make it to be fit and well, the less fit and well you will be.


Forget about complexity and keep it simple, stupid.

Consider this basic, perfect, #Impact instruction on Body care:

Sleep, Eat, And Train.

That is it.

The #ImpactSEAT of your physical power, your vitality, your longevity, your sexuality, your attractiveness, your ability to climb, jump out of the way, rescue a kitten, or just not feel sedentary old man aches … all comes from #SEAT.

And the corresponding effects to your Mental acuity, your Emotional balance, and your Spiritual condition — everything in your life — is all also based on how well you manage the #ImpactSEAT. Tend it well. EVERYTHING rests on it.

Start today by examining your mastery over these three: Sleep, Eat, And Train. Then adjust accordingly.
And here’s a bonus: every change you make, no matter how small, makes a difference and makes other changes easier, too. And as you’ve also seen here, each improvement also causes corresponding improvements throughout your Mind, Heart, and Soul.

Start with something as simple as 30 extra minutes of rest!





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