You Do You

Had very productive calls with coaching clients this morning, and initial consults with other prospects. The theme of the day seemed to be “authentic living,” which is critical not only to your own quality of life and sense of fulfillment, but also to your ability to make any real difference in the world.

How not to coachThis came to me because, believe it or not, I’ve helped a young Navy client recognize that becoming a SEAL (his stated purpose for hiring me) is not in fact his true desire.

He had started with juvenile ideas about what he wanted, and now is maturely seeing that he actually wants to become the best version of what he already is, in the medical field.

This reminded me of the Adam Sandler movie, “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan,” about a great Israeli commando who really just wants to be a hair stylist…. We had a great laugh because the truth is often funny. And more than that, the truth is often a great relief.

Watch Zohan when you have a chance. Lighten up.

And remember, if you are interested in setting up coaching with me and my #impact system, just email

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