Divided We Fall

I rarely speak on political matters because stimulating the inevitable shrieking hordes at the extremes of either side improves nothing. Unfortunately, it is necessary to say something now, and I’ll just have to endure the hysterical swarms.

I have dedicated myself to national security for more than thirty years — longer than the life spans of many reading this. We are in a genuine, chronic crisis as a people today. Though Russia and other external adversaries are acting against us, the greatest wrongdoing is being done, often unwittingly, by Americans on all sides of the verbal firestorm.

I text-debated a dear friend last night on this crisis of our country. He told me he had “already accepted” that we are going to have a bloody civil war because of the actions of one political party with which he disagrees. I told him the following, which is shared to you verbatim minus the naming of specific political figures.

“‘We’ will only have any kind of ‘war’ if *you* choose to execute it. This is the crisis. You and some others are buying into the insane bullshit that political extremes are spewing in order to improve their positions of power.

“We are one country. We are not ‘the Progressives against the United States.’ There are many viewpoints and that is our strength. But we can choose to be stupid sheep and believe that ‘the Progressives’ are evil, and the Progressives can choose to believe that whatever you are is evil, and THAT is what is destroying us. Stop believing the bullshit and step up to citizenship, which respects other points of view in national debate.

“FOX News and MSNBC are trying to spin up hatreds so they can sell soap, but they have no actual control — you have to choose to pretend it’s the truth, and become complicit in destroying our unity.”

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