The #ImpactRule of #BRO

As I wind down a great week of work in Tampa, and look forward to spending time with my kids in DC, I want to share one of my favorite Impact Rules. This one lets you literally control the gates for unlimited blessings into your life, also known as “opportunities.”

The #ImpactRule rule of #BRO:
“Be Ready and Open”

Let’s say you get an amazing “opportunity” for a sell-off of something really cool to you — a fancy cat, trading card, or guitar. It’s worth $5,000 but the owner’s only asking $1,000…and you ain’t got $1,000.

Or an amazing *opportunity* to jump in on a trip, already paid for, because your friend’s friend can’t go at the last minute. Are you in? …But you ain’t got the time off from work.

Strength in life, the first of the 12 Qualities, is more than biceps — it’s about being economically and socially secure to be able to take advantage of opportunities when they arise, rather than playing defense for the rest of your life and thus missing out on life. We only have this one.

And that is the state of “Ready.”

Being Open means accepting that these situations may happen to you, and that you cannot *schedule* opportunity … so you have to be Ready all the time.

I guide clients toward building strength because I’ve lived these miserable scenarios, and resolved to do whatever it takes to not be helpless like that again. If you’re sick of being vulnerable, and want to be free to live your life when your life is happening, drop me a note: I want to help you tap into the whole community of #Impact.

2 thoughts on “The #ImpactRule of #BRO

  1. Thank you, Amber! I’m very glad if it’s adding real value for you. My work is irrelevant if it doesn’t bring positive change for others.

  2. Doing an opportunity presentation on the 14th for 220 students. This falls right in line with my theme. Will quote this! Will also have your programs contact info suttley placed in the handout. Let me know if you’d like to have a CMU student discount rate.Thanks! Your guidance and my hard work are changing my life. I’m so down to encourage others to do the same.

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