It’s not you, WordPress — it’s me (and my new Web presence)

Impact Actual logo 180207 BannerThey say breaking up is hard to do…that’s not true, in this case.

Pretty soon, I’ll be migrating the Blog to our primary Impact Actual domain. And much, much more is happening, including the brand-new “#ImpactSITREP” newsletter. The first edition goes out today, and I’d like you to be on our list to receive it. To self-enroll, just email me with your first and last name at We will make sure you see every full-color, informative byte of it.

Here’s a taste of things to come, my “Founder’s Message” to head up the first edition:

Message from the Founder#Rob Headshot

Welcome to the our first weekly #ImpactSITREP newsletter. Things are…#accelerating…around Impact Actual. We realized it was past time to launch a regular update from the expanding world of #Impact: from @ImpactActual the company, impact in the world around you, and actionable impact for your own life as you grow your personal influence and make a real difference.

First up, front and center, is the new logo. Like it? Let us know. ( is the quickest way to get your thoughts to me.) Everybody notices how we emphasize “ACT” in this logo format. That’s not by…act-cident…every one of us has the power to Act. Bitching is dead. Make action your default. Starting now.

Not surprisingly, I’ve got several new personal projects cooking. The managing editor at Thinkruptor Magazine has roped me in to begin writing regular articles (as “Mister Impact!”) to teach tech and society leaders how to hold themselves accountable, grow their influence, and contribute more to the world than quarterly stock bumps. And my friend and hero Fran Townsend has asked me to join her board on the Counter Extremism Project (see our article on removing extremist videos from YouTube, below). I promise to keep you informed as we at CEP take action and drive proactive, effective, global counter-radicalization projects.

Consider both those items above to be just teasers–we’ll publish the formal announcements of each, soon. But something I’m even more excited about, and which is not just a tease, is the unexpected and explosive success of our Impact #Accelerator program for radical personal development. This five-week, self-directed online course has been rocking lives since we launched three months ago. Version 1.0, and now version 2.0, have given way to our third evolution of Accelerator…the “Turbo.” And this week, in honor of our February 12 release of Turbo, we are enrolling rock stars at half off. Read on, below, if you are ready to level up. [Until we actually publish this article, just email me ( if you want to get in on this deal.]

Again, thank you for investing your time to join us with issue number one. You do realize that “spending” your time is an investment, right? We have to be mindful in all our investments. And the #Impact has just begun.


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