The power of one…you

Under close end-of-year examination, my team concluded that everything I do with SEAL of Peace Consulting can be boiled down to one word: Strength.


And we help you grow stronger in precisely three areas: Self, Team, and Security. That’s it. Speaking, Coaching, Red Teaming, Retreats, an exhausting range of activity every year, and it all comes down to just three pillars resting on just one stone.

But I want you to look more closely at the order of those pillars–it isn’t random chance we list them that way. Security depends on a strong Team…and the level of growth you have in your Self, across Body, Mind, Heart, AND Soul, will make or break any Team you inhabit, be it family, church or corporation.

I say all this to drive home a single point: you are essential. And because of that, your development is essential. We’re all depending on all of us doing our individual  best. You don’t need a consultant; you just need to choose to accept this idea and grow right where you are. The rest will take care of itself.

My talk today in honor of Religious Freedom Day

How often do you get to see a speaker’s original script? Here’s mine, below, from today’s Religious Freedom celebration. It was a great event. The home of religious freedom in America is considered to be Historic Fredericksburg, Virginia, where Thomas Jefferson and his team first drafted the concepts underlying our First Amendment. And in the heart of winter, following weeks of cold / grey / wet weather, we had a sunny, 60-degree Springlike day that might have indicated the approval of the Almighty Himself!

At Religious Freedom 160110 with Munira
A few of us up on the stand before the ceremony

I was honored to deliver the keynote for today’s annual event, which was hosted by the Knights of Columbus and supported by the Freemasons. We had representatives from numerous faiths, including my friend Munira, whom you’ll remember from the pages of Powerful Peace.

My comments were lengthy, as you’d expect from a 12-minute keynote, but I thought I’d drop them in here in case you have the time to read them through and give them some thought.

Munira and Cindy at Religious Freedom 160110
Cindy and Munira enjoy Springtime in winter

Without further ado, my tribute to religious freedom:


Like every other person in the world, I had my own ideas about religious freedom. So to make sure I did not misrepresent the general understanding, I first consulted that great oracle of the 21st Century…Wikipedia:

“Freedom of religion or freedom of belief is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community, in public or private, to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance.”

Actually, although I found the definition through Wiki, it is referenced directly from the UN’s “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” article 18, which states that:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”

Look how similar that is to Thomas Jefferson’s own “Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom” from 1779, which we celebrate today:

“No man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship, place, or ministry whatsoever, nor shall be enforced, restrained, molested, or burthened in his body or goods, nor shall otherwise suffer, on account of his religious opinions or belief; but that all men…

( …Or women, of course, was their ideal…)

shall be free to profess, and by argument to maintain, their opinions in matters of religion, and that the same shall in no wise diminish, enlarge, or affect their civil capacities.”

In other words, you cannot be prevented from even becoming President by virtue of being a Jew, or an atheist … or a Catholic! But that’s exactly what happened in the United States for almost 200 more years until JFK’s 1960 run. According to his own Presidential Library:

“Only one Catholic, Governor Alfred E. Smith of New York, had ever been the nominee of one of the major parties. His 1928 campaign was derailed by claims that he would build a tunnel connecting the White House and the Vatican…

(… Are there any engineers in the house? How tricky would that project be? …)

… and would amend the Constitution to make Catholicism the nation’s established religion. He was overwhelmingly defeated nationwide.”

Does that sound ridiculous today? Let me now speak out on behalf of all of us in this “one nation under God:” less than a century later, we have a similar alarming trend—according to a poll by the Associated Press last month, about 8 in 10 Americans said protecting the religious freedom of Christians is important … in the same poll, about 6 in 10 said the same about Muslims. The Jews fell right in the middle, as 7 in 10 respondents said their religious freedom should be protected.

Eric Rassbach, a religious liberty attorney, said:

“People may not realize you cannot have a system where there’s one rule for one group and another rule for a different group you don’t like. No religion is an island. If somebody else’s religion is being limited by the government, yours is liable to be limited in the same way. Even if you only care about your own particular group, you should care about other groups, too, because that’s the way the law works.”

And this is the my main point on this issue: we have a system of law in this country, based on protecting religious freedom, and that system itself is designed to uphold the laws of the land. Some Mormons in Utah insisted on practicing bigamy, counter to the law of the land, and some of those are in prison for it. If any faith demands its way in opposition to the law of the land, it will be handled accordingly. We need to trust ourselves a little more and let the system work, rather than terrifying one another with dire threats about competing systems taking over. We’re better than that…although you wouldn’t know it from the frenzy on social media today.

In my own book, Powerful Peace, I unpacked this situation in what I hope are helpful terms. And this is in the context of the “mosque war” that raged regarding the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” in 2010:

[hold up and read these highlighted portions from chapter 37, “In defense of faith”]

“The mosque war caused some unacceptable and ironic casualties against deeply-held American values called freedom of religion and respect for diversity.

My two-part response to The Question that The Muslims are Waging a Stealth Jihad against America:

Answer Part A) YES…there is a stealth jihad underway.

Think about it: any group sophisticated enough to carry out the complex attack of 9/11 is smart enough to come at the problem (us) on multiple fronts. They told us who they are: al Qaeda. And AQ said it speaks for all of Islam.

Remember that Hitler said he spoke for all good Germans. Remember, too, that through the skillful manipulation of grievances and fears, he whipped up a fever pitch against another cultural-religious group, that he accomplished this through impassioned nationalism…and that the German language root for ‘nationalism’ led to the term Nazi.

Answer Part B) NO…it’s not ‘the Muslims’ who are after ‘us,’ any more than cop killer Eric Rudolph and his Christian supporters could be interpreted as proof that ‘the Christians’ are out to murder abortion doctors.

There are unsettling similarities between today’s warnings to WATCH OUT for Them-There Muslims and der Fuhrer’s earlier hysteria-laced speeches warning about the menace of Them-There Jews.

This appeal is not intended to raise Islam above Christianity, or vice-versa. I’m merely asking that we pause in our daily drama to consider where each of our fellow humans is really coming from. I believe in God, and I believe God made us all. I’m also pretty sure that each of us is flawed and sees only a small part of the whole picture.

Not one of us is big enough, brothers and sisters, to declare that we individually hold all of God’s truth. I suspect God finds our presumption either very amusing, or very irksome.”

I have a shocking admission: I haven’t always been a Christian. Before joining the Navy and circling the world for decades, I was raised a Protestant in a tiny village of 1,000 people in Upstate New York. Needless to say, everybody knew everybody—and everybody knew everybody else’s business. I was told that God loved honesty and right behavior…yet every Sunday I would see the adults sharing coffee and cookies with individuals we all knew had been doing some pretty bad things, and acting like nothing was wrong. In adolescent, intellectual disillusionment at this hypocrisy I left the church at 15. I first tried to be an atheist. That didn’t stick, and lasted about a week. I then wandered among other traditions like Buddhism and even paganism for about 20 years, finally being compelled by my re-reading of the Bible to return to my roots…with a wizened and skeptical eye for what people tell me about God.

Gandhi, who arguably lived a more Christlike life than many professing Christians, said:

“True religion is not a narrow dogma. It is not external observance. It is faith in God and living in the presence of God.”

We find a similar understanding and tolerance in the First Amendment of the Constitution, part of our American Bill of Rights:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Think about this: every one of you here today has the inalienable right to start your own religion, if you’re so inclined. I thought about establishing Robism, but my Christian beliefs wouldn’t let that go very far. The point is, you and I are blessed mightily to be here in this land where the freedom to worship is not only a right; it is our responsibility to ensure for all others.

We have a privilege unknown to many around the world. This comes with an obligation to defend. I’ll leave you with these final wise words of Thomas Jefferson, found on this plaque that sits on my desk:

[hold up and read plaque]

“There is a debt of service due from every man to his country, proportioned to the bounties which nature and fortune have measured to him.”

[return to seat]


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I’m giving you permission to be selfish this year

Happy You Year!

“It’s better to give than receive.”

True. But that has its limits. You can never give what you have not got.

selfish girl
Sometimes you just have to roll alone

With my coaching and retreat clients, I’ve observed that many good people have a bad habit—of giving, which is good…but giving to a fault, which is bad. Husbands and wives do this for their spouses, parents do it for their kids, and many of us do it for those we meet in daily life around the office or school. In some of the churches I’ve attended over the years, some church ladies and bleeding deacons make a veritable specialty of giving more of themselves than anyone else does…and making sure everyone else knows about it.

Ask yourself this: during 2015, did you ever have the vague feeling that something was lacking? I’ve never worked with anyone who didn’t have some sense of dissatisfaction. After all, why would you pay somebody like me to help you make things work better, if things were working perfectly well?

I often discover that the missing pieces of life are personal, things important to that person; things that may have fallen between the cracks while being good and taking care of other people’s needs…or just wants.

Listen—there’s nothing wrong with being human.

And being human means you have your very own complete set of wants and needs. It also means that, if you’re an average “good” person, you sacrifice a little here and there in compromise with others. The problem comes up when you don’t set reasonable limits on your giving and end up in deficit. Let me offer a personal example to illustrate:

IMG_0077 - Copy
Who I was—Dark circles, washed out, puffy

I grew up in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, in a small village (yes, a real village—Port Henry had about one thousand people, and probably always will). And when I say “in the mountains,” I mean that literally. In my teens I would take off on the streams and trails at every opportunity. It was no surprise I ended up making a pretty good living as a river and trail guide for a couple seasons.

But then I went off to the Navy, and began a life of adventure in different ways. After 20 years of spooking around for NSA and sneaking around for the SEAL Teams, I retired in 2006 and headed off to defense contracting and program management. I thought I was “supposed” to go that way, because I thought “everyone else” was doing it. I lived intense years under those fluorescent lights, approving time sheets, and seeing only as many trees as I might pass on the drive to and from work.

It wasn’t until this Summer, when I launched the first SEAL of Peace #GoWild river retreat, that I realized how desperately I had been missing my natural environment. We had a fantastic four days experiencing Body, Mind, Heart and Soul breakthroughs on that trip in Northern Virginia…but I honestly think I got more out of it than all the satisfied participants combined—I got my Self back. I got to be where I needed to be (in the woods), doing what I needed to do (leading people to be their best in the woods), and it was like getting a new lease on life.


Who I am—Happy

Here’s the kicker: My going out on that river and getting what I needed did not take away from anyone else. Living my true life, honoring who God made me to be, added to everyone else instead of taking away. My family got a nice check as I earned my living my way; son Jack even came along and experienced the whole trip for himself as my outfitter! The clients who came along, and told me they wished the trip could be much longer, weren’t hurt in any way by my taking what I needed. Quite the opposite, judging by the surveys!

When you don’t live your life to its fullest, in line with what you feel you should be doing, you don’t only steal from your own happiness. You take away all the good that your best you could do for everyone else. If you take the time to look hard at you, and remember what you wish you could be doing, you change everything for the better. It isn’t always easy, and it can take a lot of time and energy (sometimes money, for you aspiring doctors out there), but it is always worth it. Remember that whole You Only Live Once (#YOLO) thing.

As this year gets kicked off right, I’ll soon release my brand-new “Ten Steps To Your Best” (#10Steps2U) method to help people A) Get more clarity on who they are and what they want, and B) Make meaningful progress on that improved vision. Be watching for that here, and rest assured: the #10Steps2U are not a tricky scheme to con people into giving me money for “secrets”…the list will be free, and open, and always will be. I will want you to share this far and wide. I want to see a lot more people around me on the streets who can say they feel Happy.

The first Step,as you will see, is Choose.

Choose to set foot on your necessary journey. Choose to allow old assumptions to fall away if you discover new data that serve you better. Choose to let hope and enthusiasm and determination bubble up in you again, as you remember from many years ago…and begin to see how great your life will be.

Register for tonight’s free “Think Like the Threat” webinar

Strengthen your understanding and your resolve.
Sunday evening, I’ll offer you some solutions. When things go all to hell like they did Friday night, it’s easy to get swept up in fear and uncertainty and, basically, become paralyzed in ineffectiveness. That’s when you need to take a knee, take a breath, and take stock from an informed perspective. Understanding is a force multiplier. 

Think Like the Threat (TiLT) is my “signature” presentation. I’ve used this constantly evolving, interactive instructional talk to help military, government, and private organizations get inside the minds of their adversary and learn to look out through his eyes. Try to imagine how powerful that is for protectors.

Usually, associations or corporations pay me $4,500 for a one-hour TiLT plus two hours of workshopping to help tailor their own in-house Threat Working Group (TWiG). But in response to the tragedy in Paris, I’m going to broadcast TiLT via webinar, at no cost, to any interested participants Sunday evening at 7:00 Eastern. Please note that to allow for questions we can only accept a total of 100 attendees, so register now and make sure you tune in early. Once 100 have taken their seats for the session, we are full.

Registration details are below.  

 [LATE-BREAKING UPDATE: People have been writing in from France, Germany, Poland etc asking for a TiLT that suits their time zone. So I’ve scheduled a second session, planned for Monday the 16th at noon Eastern, 6:00pm Paris time. Stand by for the registration link, later today, if that one’s better for you.]


Please register for Think Like the Threat (TiLT) on Nov 15, 2015 7:00 PM EST:

Register for Sunday TiLT webinar

In this free session, Rob DuBois will spend one hour helping you understand the mind and methods of people who would do you harm. Any adversary, whether terrorist, hacker or business rival, can be sized up to give you an advantage. We call it “TiLTing the game in your favor.”

Rob has presented TiLT to Marines during combat operations in Fallujah, to the Fort Knox Mint Police leadership, to Lockheed Martin staff and executives, and for more than 100 other clients and keynotes. Be advised that you need to be ready to be challenged personally, if you want to get any value from this; a closed mind cannot grasp new concepts. 

Note: Again, we can only fit 100 attendees, so don’t delay your registration:

Register for Sunday TiLT webinar

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Burn Your Dream Board

(But take a picture of it, first.)

[Written on my smart phone, so don’t expect a lot of flourishes.]

  When I got back from these six weeks in Africa, I knew two new things. Actually, I knew a bunch of new things, about myself and about my newly crystallized thoughts on the world, but I’m only going to talk about two things here. Remember, it’s a smart phone.

The first thing is simple: I had to help others step out of their crippling comfort zones and back into the elements so they could burst into similarly transformative realizations about their own lives. I used to guide in the Saranac Lakes, so the work would be second nature for me. (Get it? Second nature?) That’s all set up now—I’m calling it #GoWild, and our first weekend trip starts August 6 in Northern Virginia. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, drop me a line and I might let you come along.

The second thing is also simple (I’ve concluded that True things seem to be simple, as a rule): I am too goddam busy. Not only today, but tomorrow, too. I’m too busy tomorrow—or at least I was, when I left for Africa—because of a Very Bad Habit (#VBH) of mistaking Planning for Productivity.

I have spent countless Today hours planning myself into over-scheduled bondage for Tomorrow. My Dream Board, a beautifully-crafted 3’x5′ cardboard collage of glue and glossy images, had at least FIFTY lofty goals (they included solving poverty, and becoming a helicopter pilot). Is there anything wrong with solving poverty, or becoming a helicopter pilot? Heck, no. But there is something very wrong with staring at those lofty goals instead of ACTING, in the moment, on something I need to accomplish Today. I was too busy, all the way into Tomorrow.

And it seems I was the last to know….

Anybody who’s spent any time around me will tell you I do too much. Or, rather, that I did too much. Now I don’t do much at all. I do what needs to be done, and I also spend time NOT doing, so I can examine what I want to do and decide whether it needs to be done, or is just another example of my #VBH of adding crap to my list.

Because when I came home, knowing these two new things, I took my Dream Board into the back yard and I burnt that sucker up into little tiny ashes. Then I kicked them around. Then, and only then, I realized I was free—to live and act and think and breathe in the present.

Don’t spend the precious few hours of your remaining life staring at a glossy picture you cut out of a magazine two years ago. Instead, give yourself and your loved ones the gift of seeing and hearing and knowing yourself and your dreams TODAY. If you want to become a helicopter pilot too, it’s not like you’re going to forget that just because you don’t have a picture of it.

Note: I am not an enemy of Dream Boards. Used responsibly, they are an awesome tool for personal motivation.

Dream responsibly. 

Next lesson in the Powerful People process: T&A

Do you like the name? Powerful People? Seriously. I’m asking because our yearlong personal (radical) growth program for 2015 is rapidly taking form. I have a small team of advisers helping me do the polishing-up of the whole thing for content, format, even pricing. But this is something I thought I’d toss out there for everyone’s input. Drop a comment to this post if you love or hate the title “Powerful People; Sculpting Your Masterpiece Life” for the course itself.

And that brings me to the next lesson, one of the key areas you will be working on and developing during the Powerful People(?) series. I took a week off from blogging so we could focus on the course development and I am seriously excited about where it’s going to take you…and me, because only a dummy would walk away from an interaction without learning something!

This third lesson, following #1) Daily Quickie and #2) Recording, is “T&A.” Again, it’s not what you might think. Here’s why:

SEALs like myself, other commandos, and folks throughout the military services practice what’s called “PT”—that stands for “Physical Training.” It just means exercise, or what many know as “working out.” But years ago, after devouring Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits ideas about balancing your lifestyle to also honor learning, loving and leaving a legacy, I formed for myself the framework you’ve been reading about the four “Human Aspects” of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

If it’s true that all four are important to a healthy life, then can’t we train all four? Actually, shouldn’t we? So I began doing not only PT, but also planning and practicing MT (Mental Training), ET (Emotional Training), and ST (Spiritual Training). In fact, you’ll recognize those terms as what we get started every morning with the “Quickie.” Of course, one minute of focus on each in your morning Quickie is not enough to keep you fit in any of the Aspects … but it does prime the pump and get you started for the day. In the Powerful People(?) course you’ll be learning to determine and plan exactly where and how you need to allot extra attention on any of the four.

But here’s the kicker: it’s all well and good to plan to exercise three hours a day, read a great book every day, have a deep conversation every day and meditate for an hour every day…but those seven hours daily are not very practical for most of us in the real world. (I hope Paris Hilton enjoys having that freedom.) To be honest, on some wildly hectic and demanding days, you won’t even be able to do more than five minutes for your Quickie! And this is why we don’t only Train, we Align…with reality. We acknowledge both T and A. And that’s how you grow constantly, without losing your mind along the way. Build your growth process to serve you, not to make yourself a slave to it.

For years I would beat myself up whenever I couldn’t fit in that 5-mile run I needed, or finish a big reading assignment, because circumstances were prohibitive. But here’s reality: on some days you’re going to be wiped out from sitting up all night with the sick kid. On others, the emergencies of the boss become your emergencies, and you barely have time to grab crap from the candy machine to keep “food” in your gut during a 13-hour workday. Sound familiar? When you’re sick yourself, things get even tougher. So here’s the deal: allow for the reality of your life to influence your practices, plan accordingly beforehand and adapt during. That’s what SEALs do. When you miss a day, don’t cling to it and drag yourself down with regret—toss it away and grab onto the next opportunity, the next workout, the next chance to accelerate your mission!

This isn’t a lesson on making excuses. Honestly, the better you learn to build your own growth plan, the more you’ll want to do the things you set out for yourself. You’ll miss them when you can’t go for that run (if that’s your thing), or get ahead on that reading project—because you’ve claimed them, you’ve chosen them, you’ve embraced the value they bring to the life you love building for yourself and your family. But as the days along the way are high or low, you won’t collapse and wander off the path, because you know the path has the good stretches and the not-so-good. One of my favorite expressions is applicable: “If you’re going through hell … keep going!”

Align yourself with the reality of your day. Flow with the time and energy available. Pour in a little more when you have a surplus. The inevitable result will be constant progress along the unique path to your incredibly bright future.

“Recording” and the SEAL of Peace “Balance Sheet”

[Jump to the end for a sneak peek on our limited SEAL of Peace coaching agreements.]

Last week I spelled out the “Daily Quickie” that primes you for a more effective day, every day, by just spending 5-10 minutes in the morning to align your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. Jump back to that if you want a refresher.

Today we’ll talk about the importance of “Recording” your activities. As with the term “quickie,” this may not mean what you think it means….

The ancient philosopher Socrates (not in fact pronounced So-Crates) said that the unexamined life is not worth living. A useful business corollary is modern-day philosopher Drucker’s “What gets measured gets managed.” Readers know I’m a big advocate for regular journaling, and I’ve practiced it myself for decades. You’d be surprised how dumb—or brilliant—your own thoughts can turn out to be when reread one or twenty years after you first capture them on paper.

Reviewing those pen-and-ink “updates to yourself” some time later is always great for reflecting on what mattered to you at certain points in your life. It can offer surprising insights on things that seemed like big deals, or not big deals…and turned out completely to the contrary. (Be careful—such insights might lead to wisdom, after which you lose the privilege of making excuses.)

Another benefit of journaling is the simple action of manually recording those plans, hopes or fears; it kicks your subconscious mind into motion to chug away on your big ideas in the background, humming along like the magnificent, organic operating system it is.

But there’s a second, supercharged type of Recording, and most of us have never tried it. For SEAL of Peace purposes, I call this the Balance Sheet. (I’m going to make a writeable PDF copy available for download at the site soon. And for those like me, who love the power of the pen, it will be printable to drop into your hardcopy planner system of choice. I’m also planning to send complimentary copies of the Balance Sheet along with all orders for signed copies of Powerful Peace—this includes sending it to those of you who already have your copies over the past couple years, so keep an eye on your inboxes!)

In a nutshell, the SoP Balance Sheet serves as a customizable tracking tool so you can hold yourself accountable to…you. Did Arnold build those ridiculously huge biceps by hitting the gym “once in a while?” Did Byrd reach the Pole by chilling out along the way and only driving ahead on days he “felt” like it?

Nothing great has ever been produced by mediocre attention, and consistent effort in the direction of your goals is the surest way to reach them on time and on “budget”…which usually includes peace of mind, family support, and self-esteem. The SoP Balance Sheet lets you customize regular attention to all four of your Human Aspects of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

The Balance Sheet is empowering. If you use it right, it isn’t time consuming or tricky. In fact, keeping it close at hand begins to feel good, because you have confidence you’re on top of things you’ve said are important to you. And if you already keep lists for homework assignments or the things you need to pick up at the grocery, you’re already partway there! I’m just going to help you consciously capture other key things that matter, like getting enough sleep and hydrating adequately—both of which will help melt that fat off your body!

So this is something for you to look forward to. And don’t worry—I’ll let you know right here when it’s available to download. And by all means don’t wait for the publication of the official SEAL of Peace Balance Sheet to try this out. All you need is a spreadsheet program or some graph paper to put down what you want to do regularly. Capture those little things that will make a big difference when you do them consistently, and start checking them off day by day!

In closing, let me offer a couple possible quick activities to get you started:

  1. If you took just 10 minutes each week to jot down a personal note, slap a stamp on it, and mail it to a friend, relative or colleague, how immensely might those fifty unexpected pick-me-ups affect your personal and professional relationships over a year?
  2. If you took just 10 minutes each weekday to scan 1/250th of your holy book or spiritual text, over a year’s time would you finally satisfy the persistent, quiet part of you that asks you to read it all the way through?
  3. If you took just 15 minutes each day to walk a measured mile around your neighborhood, could those 365 miles in a year improve your cardiovascular and mental health, help you release the stresses of the day…and supercharge your relationship with anyone who accompanies you?

In short, there is no “right” list of activities for the SoP Balance Sheet, except what’s exactly right for you. You know you better than anyone else on the planet, and the possibilities are infinite! How will you choose to balance and heal and grow you?

As mentioned above, I’m excited to be able to re-launch Coaching! It was disappointing when we had to break ties in order to build other areas of SEAL of Peace. Anyway, I’m going to reopen the door just a crack, and take on not more than 10 new clients. We’ve also priced this low to make the launch quick and neat. If you’d like to learn more jump over to our Coaching section at the SEAL of Peace Services Page. Every potential coaching relationship starts with a no-cost consultation call, so there’s no commitment! We’ll only move forward if it makes sense.

Be sure to also Subscribe to my other Blog, “Powerful Peace”

bookHopefully by now you’ve read about the Daily Quickie and its incredible power to align your whole day in just 5 minutes. (If not, be sure to review my previous post.) A little later this week I’ll be expanding into the next level of SEAL of Peace Consulting philosophy: the SoP Balance Sheet.

Our Balance Sheet lets you track exactly how well you’re planning and executing your day-to-day and week-to-week life according to your ideals. Haven’t we all heard that a person needs 4-6 glasses of water, 7-8 hours of sleep, 20-30 minutes of exercise, and some Me Time to recharge your batteries and review your priorities? Plus more? Every day? And that’s not counting what your boss and family ask you to do!

Are you already doing all that? Awesome. You’re far more dialed in than me…and 97% of the population. 😉

If you’re not already doing all that, congratulations. You’re human. And like the Daily Quickie, nothing helps more than little habitual “tricks” to stay on track. In the next post here I’ll share the core of the Balance Sheet, and how you can get one of your own.

But first, a quick plug for my much longer-running Powerful Peace blog at WordPress—I began writing that in 2008 from the heart of war, out of Baghdad. Powerful Peace (note the incredible coincidence between the blog’s title and my book’s title!) was actually instrumental in getting the book going, which I probably would never have done if the core elements had not already been online. War is a busy business.

So be watching here for more on the Balance Sheet. And for Pete’s sake jump over to Powerful Peace and Subscribe (for free, of course) right now. You’ll never have a better time for it—we’re posting the ENTIRE BOOK on the blog, one chapter every weekday. You can read chapters 1-5 right now! This is our annual “10Weeks to Powerful Peace” campaign and it lets us put the concepts into many, many more great people’s minds than the bookstore does. Here it is again! Visit and Subscribe to Powerful Peace.

Align yourself for a successful day…with a SEAL of Peace “Daily Quickie”

As David Allen @GTDGuy (of Getting Things Done fame) teaches, being productive does not have to be complicated. He says that the simpler the tricks we develop for ourselves, the easier it is to be consistent…and thus productive.

When I did effectiveness coaching for my own SEAL of Peace clients, I urged them to focus on what matters most to them right now, not stare in paralysis at all the backed-up troubles of their lives. Face it—we all have more to do than we can do right now, and more to worry about than we can solve right now.

(NOTE: After a  few months’ hiatus due to demands in my own busy life, I’ve made the decision to make those coaching calls available again. I’ll be taking on not more than ten new clients. There’s info at the bottom of this article if you’re interested.)

Of course, “focus” is great in theory…but how can you really stop worrying about everything, when everything is what you’re worried about??

Trick yourself. Grab the frazzled ends of the many areas of concern around your life, and tug them into alignment.

With a quickie.

I know some of you are thinking of something else right now, so let me define the trick more clearly: every morning, set aside just 5-10 minutes to satisfy a little bit of everything, and crystallize your world with a Daily Quickie. Spend 1-2 minutes on one discipline in each of your four balanced Human Aspects of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

Here’s how I practice it: I set my iPhone’s timer for 60 seconds and time myself at each of these in order:
— Doing “Ten Counts” (a SEAL exercise, but you can do sit-ups, toe touchers, or whatever suits your personal condition);
— Reading a page of a book that grows me (GTD as mentioned above, 7 Habits…maybe Powerful Peace?);
— Writing a tight entry in my daily journal…note that this is NOT a thesis! Stay focused and stay on time;
— Praying and meditating for JUST 1-2 minutes.

Note that this is not all I do in a day in any of these areas. I love to run, and when I do I run more than one minute. I also love to dig into a book that makes me bigger than I was before I cracked it open (or even since the LAST time I read it!) I firmly subscribe to Jeff Olson‘s credo to read 10 pages of something every day, to build unstoppable growth in your personal and professional life.

As the wardrobe guy says in the TV show I’m acting for, “If it’s tight, it’s right!” The point of this strict discipline in the Daily Quickie is that it prevents you from allowing “creep” into your morning routine. Haven’t you ever set out to do something hard (“I’ll do 100 pushups every day”) and then found yourself slacking off…and then found yourself no longer keeping that promise at all? If you spend “just” a few extra minutes of your Daily Quickie on the Body exercise, and then you overindulge in “just” a few more minutes because the book is really good, you’ll make yourself late for work. And then you’ll get in trouble. And then you’ll be mad at me! Nope, keep it tight.

Don’t get mad at me, because I’m telling you to keep this thing short! Demand of yourself that you not drift off course.

If you just do a little bit in each of these every day, I can promise that:
1. You’ll naturally align and balance your four Human Aspects for the day;
2. You’ll establish momentum in your day, and be very hard to pull off course;
And, most importantly;
3. You’ll become mindful of your whole self, and see which areas you really do need to set time aside for later.

Plus, if you keep it tight and right, you’ll have time to sip that coffee and still get to work early!
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The shocking truth about Muslims not condemning ISIS

Cindy observed that we hear nothing in the news about Muslims denouncing #ISIS. I was intrigued, because I’ve heard the same as criticism from many non-Muslim friends. So I Googled this simple string of three words: “Muslims denounce ISIS”…and received 1,020,000 (that’s a MILLION) hits about worldwide Muslim condemnation of ISIS. It took a total of 0.43 (that’s about one-half) seconds.

Muslim Leaders of the World are Condemning ISIS

These one million not-reported examples, in less than one second, include the following: hundreds of Muslims protesting ISIS in front of the Grand Mosque in Paris; a British national social media campaign by Muslims using the hashtag #NotInMyName; the condemnation of ISIS by Shi’a and Sunni side-by-side. Also, “The most explicit condemnation came from Iyad Ameen Madani, the Secretary General for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the group representing 57 countries, and 1.4 billion Muslims.”

There’s also a little story on the world’s Muslim leaders condemning ISIS…by the VATICAN and Reuters.

Since the media outlets we depend on are unwilling to tell the whole story (the same media outlets that call me up to discuss the whole story), we’ll have to read through the other 99,997 examples ourselves..

I’m going to be very honest (as always). I’m pissed off at this. I’ve been working at the pointy end of the spear in counterterrorism and antiterrorism for much of my adult life. I’ve seen the good and bad in populations around the world. I wrote about that in Powerful Peace…and I also wrote about how conflict can flare up on ignorance and misunderstanding and rip societies apart. In this case, the society at risk is our entire race. We’re being played, apparently by all sides. Divisiveness sells more soap. Sadly, divisiveness in this case can also ignite a fire that burns the globe.

C’mon, press. CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and any other “news” outlet that would like to start telling us the whole story: here’s the link to what is apparently an incredibly well-kept secret for getting a million hits of reportable information in less than one second: